Recorded lectures on Continuum mechanics by Magnus Ekh

Lecture Continuum Mechanics 1. Index notation

Lecture Continuum Mechanics 2. Vectors

Lecture Continuum Mechanics 3. 2nd-order tensors

Lecture Continuum Mechanics 4. eigenvalue problems

Lecture Continuum Mechanics 5. Spatial derivatives and divergence

Lecture Continuum Mechanics 6. Stress tensor

Lecture Continuum Mechanics 7. Continumm motion

Lecture Continuum Mechanics 7. Balance laws

Lecture Continuum Mechanics 8. Constitutive models

Recorded lectures on Fluid mechanics by Lars Davidson

Lecture Fluid Mechanics 1. Euler-Lagrange, strain-rate, vorticity, rotation, eigenvalues

Lecture Fluid Mechanics 2. Navier-Stokes, Energy equations, conservative -- non-conservative, The Rayleigh problem

Lecture Fluid Mechanics 3. channel flow, flat-plate boundary layer, Blasius

Lecture Fluid Mechanics 4. 3D and 2D vorticity transport eqns, vortex-stretching, vorticity flux

Lecture Fluid Mechanics 5. Bernoulli eq, komplex potential, Cauchy-Riemann, Magnus effect, table tennis, free-kicks in football, Flettner rotors

Lecture Fluid Mechanics 6. Introduction to turbulence: energy spectrum, Kolmogorov scales, -5/3 law

Lecture Fluid Mechanics 7. RANS, turbulent stresses, linear wall law, log-law, viscos and turbulent forces

Lecture Fluid Mechanics 8. Rules for time averaging, Boussinesq assumption, turbulent viscosity, derivation of exact k equation

Lecture Fluid Mechanics 9. derivation of mean kinetic energy equation K, energy flow between k and K, formulation of modelled k and eps equations

Lecture Fluid Mechanics 10. wall functions, low-re number k-eps model, Taylor expansion, near-wall behavior, damping functions, wall b.c. for epsilon

Assignment 1, boundary-layer flow, introduction

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