Manned Mission to the planet Mars

Mars Facts Sheet world-wide links
Carlo Rubbia, Nobel Prize in 1984 He proposed a new propulsion system,
Concept for the 21st Century CERN Academic Training, lecture 4
Planet orbits animated gif
How to fly to Mars Hohmann orbits
Contribution #1 The 22nd ISTS paper ISTS 2000-b-29, Japan (pdf file)
Contribution #2 - presentation at Lyngby (2004) Abstract of the paper for the Lyngby Meeting
Contribution #3 - Hypersonic flight on Mars (2004) in the pdf format
Clarifying matter - to presentation at Lyngby (2004) in the pdf format
Contribution #3 and more and more Possible Martian Al/co2 (95.32% co2) based propulsion
Project of NASA Fuel for Martian atmospheric missions
Conversion of CxHy combustion products into H2/CO using Al "Martian" technology or future for remote Iceland and more
Debye-Hueckel plasma model File in a gif format
Alpha particles File in a gif format
The geometry that could work File in a gif format
Equilibrium plasma code tar file of the working directory
Plasma on the Internet world-wide links
Air plasma composition: 1 bar File in a gif format
Air plasma properties : 1 bar File in a gif format
New NASA thermo data File in the html format
HEDM Propulsion concepts File in the html format
Another Am propulsion concepts File in the html format
Rotating Mars movie Produced by: Calvin J. Hamilton
Thin fissile layers Some aspects of sub-critical systems
We are not alone Ben-Gurion University group
Manned mission to Mars 10th Int. Workshop on Combustion & Propulsion
Low temperature nuclear reactions and SBER in html format
Nuclear Ramjet for Jovian atmosphere Should be scramjet for Mars
MITEE concept better to abbreviate as Tiny Reactor EnginE - TREE
Nuclear isomers, see E.Segre (1964), p.317 new source of energy?
Nuclear isotopes/isomers (for C.Bruno)
Nuclear propulsion (Bruno) and battery for deep space Dr. Brown - nuclide-voltaic battery
Engineering for nuclear technology supplement 1 for Rubbia's project
Nuclear decay enhancement supplement 2 for Rubbia's project
Helium-3 an Energy Source source of of energy?

Coordinates of my "martian" friend

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Spacecraft Trajectories
MCNP code Directory (could calculate FF interaction with the gas)
Propulsion, hypersonics and more
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