Prof. Davidson's homepage
Fan noise
Vibro acoustics
Wind power:
Clearing in Forests
One-equation sub-grid models
The PANS model
Embedded LES
Synthetic Inlet Boundary Conditions
Circular cylinder flow
Wind power: Fatigue Loads in Forest Regions
Wind power: Offshore
Low-noise 3D wing configurations
LES of heat transfer in corrugated channels
Aerodynamic loads on wind turbines
High lift configurations
Simulation of electrostatic painting
Numerical Investigations of the Flow in a Water Turbine
Aerodynamic Design of Aircrafts
Exp. database of single pulsed impinging jets
Transient heat Transfer in impinging jets
LES using the PANS two-equation model
Automatic shape optimization of aerodynamics properties of cars
Aerodynamic optimization of high-speed trains
Hydro Generator Cooling
Tandem arc welding
Numerical Simulation of Vehicle Soiling
Active control of wakes of trucks using LES
Flow Around Vehicles Under the Influence of Side Winds
DNS/LES of Natural Convection
Design of high-speed trains for stable ride in cross-winds
Turbulent flow in Kaplan water turbines
Cavitation in Water Turbines
An EU project
Unsteady Flow in Draft Tubes
An EU project
Mixing in fluidized-bed reactors with LES
Aerodynamics Around High-speed Trains in Tunnels
High-speed trains and small flying objects
Vehicle aero acoustics
An EU project
Vortex shedding
Circular cylinders
Buoyancy-affected flow
Aero acoustics
Jet & system noise
Shock/Boundary layer interaction
Heat load on gas-turbine blades and vanes
Flow around bluff bodies
A Brite-Euram project
A Joule project
Rotating systems
Transport barriers
Subgrid modelling
Flow around vehicles
Vortex sheddding
Rectangular cylinders
Turbulent flow and heat transfer modelling
Internal cooling of turbine blades
Modelling of flow near stagnation regions
Visualization in 3D-Cave
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