Transient heat Transfer in impinging jets

flow in the wake
Nu distribution for a 3D impinging jet

PhD student: Mirko Bovo
Examiner, Co-supervisor: Ingmar Denbratt
Supervisor: Lars Davidson
Industrial co-supervisor: Sassan Etemad
Cooperation: Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks
Sponsors: Swedish Energy Agency, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks
Publications: [1-7]
Start of project: March 2008
End of project: May 2014

Two divisions at the Department of Applied Mechanics are involved in this project: Division of Combustion (prof. Ingemar Denbratt) and Division of Fluid Dynamics (prof. Lars Davidson).

The object of the project is to improve heat transfer predictions in combustion egines. Accurate prediction of heat tranfer will contribute to accurate computation of combustion and emissions (CO2, NOx etc)

We will use CFD and perform fluid flow of fuel-air jets to study heat transfer and mixing in the impinging zone. Heat conduction in the wall region below the inpingement zone will also be included (conjugate heat transfer).

Since the flow in the jet and the impingement zone is highly unsteady, transient simulations (URANS) will be carried out where part of the turbulence is resolved and part of it is modelled.

In real fuel-air jets in an engine, the jet is pulsating and the jet consists of evaporating fuel drops in air. The turbulence is largely created by the fuel drops. In the first part of the project we will exclude the drops; instead we will impose turbulent fluctuating inlet boundary conditions. These fluctuations will be tuned so that they create the same amount of turbulence as the fuel drops would do.


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