Heat Load on Gas-Turbine Blades and Vanes

PhD student: Andreas Sveningsson
Supervisor: Lars Davidson
Co-supervisor: Håkan Nilsson
Cooperation: Volvo Aero Corp., Siemens
Sponsors: STEM, Volvo Aero, Siemens
Publications: [1-4]
Start of project: September 2000

In modern gas turbines with low NOx burners the inlet temperature profile into the turbine is uniform. The flat temperature profile combined with a high turbine inlet temperature are the reasons why specially the end-walls or platforms of the gas-turbine flow path are exposed to high heat loads. To be able to design next generation of gas turbines it will be necessary to improve the knowledge about the heat load on the end walls of the gas-turbine flow path.
The three-dimensional flow around a guide vane -- and later on in the project maybe a complete stage -- will be studied numerically. The fluid flow and heat transfer in the region of the end plates will be the focus of the investigation. The cooling air from the injection holes upstream of the guide vane is very important for the heat transfer, and it will be taken into account.
The following parameters could be investigated:
  • Influence of aerodynamic design including parameters as for example stage load, relative pitch etc.
  • Influence of boundary conditions on walls upstream the cascade like additional wall friction which affects the stagnation pressure distribution upstream of the stage as well as gas path steps.
The purpose of the work should be to increase the understanding of the influence of critical parameters on the platform heat transfer.

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    Download PDF file (41MB)
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    View PDF file
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