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My name is Håkan Nilsson. I'm a full professor at the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Division of Fluid Dynamics, at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. During 2018 and 2019 I am also a visiting professor 20% of my time at TU Delft. I finished my PhD the 30th of August 2002 where I studied the turbulent flow in water turbine runners numerically. The main topics of the work were Kaplan tip clearance flow and wake flow behind runner blades and guide vanes. For this purpose I have extended a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code to handle multiblock calculations in parallel. Since 2005 I have focused on the use of the OpenFOAM and FOAM-extend OpenSource CFD codes, and my research has become much wider.

You can find me at Hörsalsvägen 7A, Gothenburg, Sweden. Enter the door, go through the building to the second stairway, go up one floor, enter the glass door, and find my office first to the left.

You can also reach me via: S-mail: Håkan Nilsson, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology, S-412 96 Gothenburg, SWEDEN, Tel: (+46)31-772 1414, Fax: (+46)31-18 09 76, E-mail:

Homepage:, Google scholar:, ResearchGate:, LinkedIn:, ORCID: 0-0002-8070-8783


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Research projects

This is an incomplete list of on-going and finished projects - on my TODO list


My publication list

Link to Chalmers Publication Library (CPL) (complete list, including papers of PhD students, excluding their theses)

Upcoming publications:

  • Hamed Jamshidi, Håkan Nilsson, Valery Chernoray: Ventilation Air Flow Field Asymmetry and Unsteadiness in Stator Channels of a Generator Model. Submitted for journal publication, 2016
  • Hamed Jamshidi, Håkan Nilsson, Valery Chernoray: The Effect of Flow Rate on the Air Distribution in Ventilation Channels of a Hydro Generator Model. In preparation for journal submission, 2017
  • Bercelay Niebles Atencio, Hamed Jamshidi, Marcus Liljemark, Håkan Nilsson, Valery Chernoray: Assessment of the Naphthalene Sublimation Technique for Determination of Convective Heat Transfer in Fundamental and Industrial Applications. In preparation, 2018
  • Bercelay Niebles Atencio, Håkan Nilsson: A Correlation for Conjugate Heat Transfer in Small-Scale Electric Generator Stator Channels, Determined by CFD. In preparation, 2018
  • Håkan Roos, Amith Balasubramanya, Srdjan Sasic, Valery Chernoray, Håkan Nilsson: Fluid pressure derived force is the main contributor to iliac limb displacement forces – shear force and redirection of flow are negligible. Presented at conference, 2017 (only abstract). To be submitted for journal publication.
  • Göran Broström et al. Turbulence Characteristics in Tidal Flows Using LES and ALM to Model the Tidal Power Plant Deep Green. Poster at Ocean Science, 2018.
  • Håkan Nilsson, Proceedings of CFD with OpenSource Software, published each year at, e.g.

Theses by my PhD students

Theses by my master students

I list these theses just to give an overview of studies that are done by my master thesis students. Each author is responsible for that particular work. The quality may differ.

Theses by my batchelor students

I list these theses just to give an overview of studies that are done by my batchelor thesis students. Each author is responsible for that particular work. The quality may differ.

Proceedings of the course CFD with OpenSource Software

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Slides and posters

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