Gothenburg Region OpenFOAM User Group Meeting, November 21st, 2018

Send a mail to if you are interested in participating. The presentation slots are filled in as I get contributions. The meeting is free of charge and open to anyone (Gothenburg, Sweden, Europe etc.), and the purpose is to bring together people working with OpenFOAM to get to know each other and share experiences. It is in particular a good occasion for OpenFOAM users at the SNIC resources (from all of Sweden) to meet and learn from each other.



(and the LinkedIn group 'OFGBG', which is less sure to get information distributed:

·         The meeting is an official meeting place for OpenFOAM users at the SNIC resources all over Sweden.

Please join the LinkedIn group OFGBG:




Teknikparken, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.



·         Welcome talk, Håkan Nilsson (5min)

·         20s short presentation by all participants (20min)

·         Juris Vencels: EOF-Library: Open-source Elmer FEM and OpenFOAM coupler for electromagnetics and fluid dynamics (15+5min) Slides Link to preprint with details

·         Timofey Mukha: Wall-modelled LES on unstructured meshes (15+5min) Slides

·         Håkan Nilsson: Tidal power with Deep Green (15+5min) Slides


·         Coffee


·         Nidal Doubiani: Modelling of high speed turbulent subsonic flow-fields related to ICE inlet ports for light-duty ground vehicles (15+5min) Slides

·         Sponsor talk:
Thomas Schumacher: Adjoint CFD for Rapid Design Optimisation (15+5min) Slides

·         Community talk:
Håkan Nilsson:
Summaries of OpenFOAM workshop and conference (with status of OpenFOAM governance) (15+5min) Showed and discussed web pages of OFGBG, DOUG, OpenFOAM workshop, OpenFOAM conference,,,, and discussed the new OpenFOAM governance that has recently been started by ESI (involving the community)


·         Lunch and discussions


·         Mohsen Karimi: Developing A CFD Solver for Simulation of Polyurethane Foams (15+5min) Slides

·         Fynn Jerome Aschmoneit: Scaling analysis of buoyant flow and screen motion induced transport of silt screens (15+5min) Slides

·         Wenyuan Fan: A modification to the VOF solvers in OpenFOAM (15+5min) Slides 


·         Coffee


·         Boxiong Chen: Eulerian Stochastic Field (ESF) cavitation model (15+5min) Slides

·         Håkan Nilsson: Transients in Francis-99 (15+5min) Slides

·         General discussions and conclusions (~??min)
Possible topics:
Problems and solutions
Next meeting – how to organize
Community – Wiki, Portal, SVN/GIT, Forum

Organization and funding:


Håkan Nilsson


Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

Funding of the time of Håkan Nilsson for the organization:

Funding of coffee breaks and lunch:


Funding of presentation room:

Mechanics and Maritime Sciences


Funding of evening activity (room and food):


No evening activity

Registered attendees
(who will get lunch, coffee and light evening food for free):

1.      Håkan Nilsson, Dept. of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Div. of Fluid Dynamics, Chalmers, Sweden

2.      Abdikerim Kurbanaliev, Osh State University, Biomedical Department, Kyrgyzstan

3.      Eric Baudoin, MAN Energy Solutions, Denmark

4.      Juris Vencels, University of Latvia

5.      Thamali Rajika Jayawickrama, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

6.      Thomas Schumacher, Engys

7.      Johanna Matsfelt, Chalmers

8.      Bercelay Niebles, Chalmers

9.      Johan Andersson, RISE

10.  Timofey Mukha, Chalmers

11.  Ardalan Javadi, Employable 

12.  Mohsen Karimi, Chalmers

13.  Mohammadreza Tamadondar, Chalmers

14.  Eysteinn Helgasson, Volvo Cars

15.  Bjarne Husted, Lund University, Division of Fire Safety Engineering

16.  Fynn Jerome Aschmoneit, Technical University of Denmark

17.  Wenyuan Fan, KTH, Sweden

18.  Boxiong Chen, Combustion, Chalmers

19.  Maulana Nugraha, Department of Chemical Engineering, Chalmers

20.  Henrik Berg, Volvo Cars

21.  Martin Hammas, Volvo Cars

22.  Siyuan Hu, Volvo GTT

23.  Chen Huang, RISE

24.  Willem-Jan de Voogd, TU Delft

25.  Nidal Doubiani, Combustion, Chalmers

Previous meetings


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Quality Hotel Panorama – This is located closest to Chalmers (~5min walking).


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City Hotel
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Hotel Flora AB
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Hotel Novotel
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