Gothenburg Region OpenFOAM User Group Meeting, November 15th, 2017

Send a mail to if you are interested in participating. The presentation slots are filled in as I get contributions. The meeting is free of charge and open to anyone (Gothenburg, Sweden, Europe etc.), and the purpose is to bring together people working with OpenFOAM to get to know each other and share experiences. It is in particular a good occasion for OpenFOAM users at the SNIC resources (from all of Sweden) to meet and learn from each other.

New for this year:

·       There is a LinkedIn group (named OFGBG) that can be used to stay in contact also before and after the meeting:

·       The meeting is an official meeting place for OpenFOAM users at the SNIC resources all over Sweden.

·       There will be some light food after the meeting, between 17:00-20:00, to give more time for discussions.

Please join the LinkedIn group OFGBG:




Teknikparken, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.



·       Welcome talk, Håkan Nilsson (5min)

·       20s short presentation by all participants (20min)

·       Eysteinn Helgason: Adjoint-based sensitivity analysis for external aerodynamics (15+5min) Slides

·       Timofey Mukha: An OpenFOAM Library for Wall-Modelled Large-Eddy Simulation (15+5min) Slides

·       Jozsef Nagy: Application of OpenFOAM for the set up of the injection molding process (15+5min) Slides


·       Coffee


·       Community talk:
Jozsef Nagy:
Tutorial collection – a community initiative (15+5min) Slides

·       Sponsor talk:
Jan Östh, ÅF:
Challenges and opportunities with OpenFOAM in a competitive engineering consultancy environment (15+5min) Slides

·       Sponsor talk:
Thomas Schumacher, Engys:
Generalized Internal Boundaries (GIB) for Adjoint Optimisation (15+5min) Slides

·       20min for catching up (or next talk)


·       Lunch and discussions


·       Johan Nilsson: surfaceFilmModel extensions in an industrial setting (15+5min) Slides

·       Johan Rønby: Advancing interfacial flow simulations in OpenFOAM (15+5min) Slides

·       Tobias Wollborn and Laura Luhede: Modeling of interfacial shear and strain stresses in multiphase systems (25+5min) Slides

·       Sam Fredriksson: An actuator line method used for large eddy simulation of the tidal power plant Deep Green (15+5min) Slides

·       10min for catching up


·       Coffee


·       Björn Bergqvist: Turbine performance: Comparison between CFD and measurements (15+5min) Slides

·       Bercelay Niebles Atencio: Heat transfer studies in electric generators for hydropower using OpenFOAM (15+5min) Slides

·       Claes Eskilsson: MooDy: a dynamic mooring library for station-keeping simulations in OpenFOAM (10min) Slides

·       Roger Almenar: OpenFOAM Roadmap (15+5min) Slides

·       ~55min for catching up and discussing

·       General discussions and conclusions (~??min)
Possible topics:
Problems and solutions
Next meeting – how to organize
Community – Wiki, Portal, SVN/GIT, Forum


Discussions with some light food, sponsored by ÅF.

Organization and funding:


Håkan Nilsson


Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

Funding of the time of Håkan Nilsson for the organization:

Funding of coffee breaks and lunch:


Funding of presentation room:


Mechanics and Maritime Sciences


Funding of evening activity (room and food):

Registered attendees
(who will get lunch, coffee and light evening food for free):

1.     Håkan Nilsson, Dept. of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Div. of Fluid Dynamics, Chalmers, Sweden X

2.     Jan Östh, ÅF, Sweden

3.     Ragnar Hellsvik, ÅF, Sweden

4.     Rebecca Eriksson, ÅF, Sweden

5.     Johan Nordin, ÅF, Sweden

6.     Eric Baudoin, MAN Diesel and Turbo, Denmark

7.     Alice Kozakevicius, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Chalmers, Sweden

8.     Yeru Shang, University of Sussex, UK

9.     Johan Andersson, RISE, Sweden

10.  CFD engineer, BETA CAE Nordic AB

11.  Thomas Schumacher, Engys, Germany

12.  Ananda Subramani Kannan, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Div. of Fluid Dynamics, Chalmers, Sweden

13.  Bercelay Niebles Atencio, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Div. of Fluid Dynamics, Chalmers, Sweden

14.  Johanna Matsfelt, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Div. of Fluid Dynamics, Chalmers, Sweden

15.  Surya Kaundinya Oruganti, Ecole Centrale Lyon, France

16.  Jing Gong, PDC, KTH, Sweden

17.  Jelena Andric, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Div. of Combustion, Chalmers, Sweden

18.  Tobias Eidevåg, Volvo Cars, Sweden

19.  Daniel Theobald, University of Leeds, UK

20.  Ebrahim Ghahramani, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Div. of Marine Technology, Chalmers, Sweden

21.  Mohammad Hossein Arabnejad Khanouki, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Div. of Marine Technology, Chalmers, Sweden

22.  Irina Temiz, Dept. of Engineering Sciences, Div. of Electricity, Uppsala University, Sweden

23.  Olivier Amoignon, ESI-group, Sweden

24.  Timofey Mukha, Uppsala University, Sweden

25.  Eysteinn Helgason, Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden

26.  Tamas Egeresi, Enexio, Hungary

27.  Jari Kesti, China Euro Vehicle Technology (CEVT) AB

28.  Luofeng Huang, Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, UCL, UK

29.  Jozsef Nagy, Johannes Kepler University, Austria

30.  Johan Nilsson, Creo Dynamics AB, Sweden

31.  Jundi Xu, Employable

32.  Johan Rønby, STROMNING, Denmark

33.  Elin Olsson, Master student, Applied Mechanics, Chalmers

34.  Ruguang You, Master student, Sustainable energy systems, Chalmers

35.  Tobias Wollborn, Universität Bremen, Germany

36.  Laura Luhede, Universität Bremen, Germany

37.  Minghao Li, Master student, Applied Mechanics, Chalmers

38.  Amirreza Movaghar, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Div. ofCombustion, Chalmers, Sweden

39.  Pedro Ojeda, Application Expert at HPC2N

40.  Julius Lidar, Semcon Sweden AB, Sweden

41.  Fangqing Liu, Master student, Applied Mechanics, Chalmers

42.  Peiying Sun, Master student, Sussex University, UK

43.  Sam Fredriksson, Marine Sciences, Gothenburg University / SEMCON

44.  Pooria Nazem Jalali, Swerea MEFOS, Sweden

45.  Torbjörn Larsson, Creo Dynamics AB, Sweden

46.  Björn Bergqvist, Minesto AB, Sweden

47.  Adam Jareteg, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Div. of Fluid Dynamics, Chalmers, Sweden

48.  Petter Ekman, Management and engineering, Applied thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, Linköping University, Sweden

49.  Alper Cesur, Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden

50.  Martin Hammas, Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden

51.  Roger Almenar, ESI Gmbh, Germany

52.  Urban Svennberg, Rolls-Royce Hydrodynamic Research Centre, Sweden

53.  Marko Hyensjö, Rolls-Royce Hydrodynamic Research Centre, Sweden

54.  Krishne Gowda V, KTH, Dept. Mechanics, Sweden

55.  Claes Eskilsson, RISE Research institute of Sweden

56.  Antham Rajukiran, Volvo GTT Powertrain, Sweden

57.  Khayamyan Shervin, Volvo, Sweden

58.  Sture Smidt, Kitemill AS, Norway

59.  Anders Wedin, Volvo GTT Powertrain, Sweden

60.  Eugene de Villiers, Engys, Great Britain

Previous meetings


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