Gothenburg Region OpenFOAM User Group Meeting, November 11th, 2015


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Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Room: Fakultetsvåningen, Gibraltargatan 1A (top floor)


Preliminary Schedule


·         Welcome talk, Håkan Nilsson (~5min)

·         30s short presentation by all participants (~20min)

·         Klas Jareteg: A Two-Fluid/DQMOM Methodology For Condensation In Bubbly Flow (~20min) Slides

·         Björn Bergqvist: A parametric turbine using OpenFOAM+cfMesh+scipts for the geometry (~20min) Slides Files Movie


·         Coffee


·         Johan Anderson, Chen Huang: Fire Computer Modelling at SP (~25min) Slides

·         NaiXian Leslie Lu and Alper Cesur: Modeling tyre water slash with OpenFOAM  (~20min) Slides

·         Olivier Petit: 1D-3D coupling of water hammer using OpenFOAM and MOC (~20min) Slides


·         Lunch and discussions


·         Ardalan Javadi: Hybrid RANS-LES turbulence modeling (~20min) Slides

·         Surya Peravali: Propeller scaling effects in the wake of ship hulls (~20min) Slides

·         Hamed Jamshidi: Flow of cooling air in electric generators (~20min) Slides

·         Alireza Javidi Shirvan: Welding simulations (~20min) Slides


·         Coffee


·         Huadong Yao: Simulation of dorsal root ganglion deformation during whiplash motion  (~20min) Slides

·         Klas Jareteg: Increasing performace and cutting computational time - examples and thoughts on acceleration at different code levels (~20min) Slides

·         Efthymia Chatzivasiloglou: The influence of mesh characteristics on OpenFOAM simulations of the DrivAer model (~20min) Slides

·         General discussions and conclusions (~??min)
Possible topics:
Problems and solutions
Next meeting – how to organize
Community – Wiki, Portal, SVN/GIT, Forum

Organized by:

Håkan Nilsson



Applied Mechanics





Registered attendees
(who will get lunch and coffee for free):

1.      Håkan Nilsson, Dept. of Applied Mechanics, Div. of Fluid Dynamics, Chalmers, Sweden X

2.      Klas Jareteg, Nuclear Engineering, Applied Physics, Chalmers, Sweden X

3.      Ola Widlund, SP X

4.      Olof Sundin, SAAB X

5.      Henrik Rosendahl, SAAB X

6.      Eysteinn Helgason, Alten X

7.      Johan Brunberg, Volvo Car Corporation X all types of nuts (peanuts, hasselnuts, almond etc).

8.      Justinas Peciura, Volvo Car Corporation X

9.      Johan Anderson, SP X

10.  Olle Penttinen, SP X skaldjur

11.  Björn Bergqvist, Minesto X

12.  Pontus Wetrell, Cleanergy X

13.  Raik Orbay, Volvo Car Corporation X (föredrar veg.)

14.  NaiXian Leslie Lu, Volvo Car Corporation, Contamination & Core CFD X äpple

15.  Tobias Eidevåg, Alten X

16.  Chen Huang, SP X

17.  Anton Persson, Alten X

18.  Marcus Runefors, University of Lund, Division of fires safety engineering X

19.  Adam Higgens, University of Southampton X

20.  Olivier Petit, Dept. of Applied Mechanics, Div. of Fluid Dynamics, Chalmers, Sweden X

21.  Eric Baudoin, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Denmark X

22.  Ardalan Javadi, Dept. of Applied Mechanics, Div. of Fluid Dynamics, Chalmers, Sweden X

23.  Abolfazl Shiri, SSPA, Sweden X

24.  Surya Peravali X red meat

25.  Hamed Jamshidi, Dept. of Applied Mechanics, Div. of Fluid Dynamics, Chalmers, Sweden X

26.  Nicolas Edh, Vattenfall, Sweden X

27.  Alireza Javidi-Shirvan, University West, Sweden X

28.  Efthymia Chatzivasiloglou, BETA CAE Nordic AB, Sweden X

29.  Michaela Kittel, Schottel GmbH, Spay am Rhein, Germany X

30.  Amirreza Movaghar, Dept. of Applied Mechanics, Div. of Combustion, Chalmers, Sweden (not 10-12, and no lunch)

31.  Huadong Yao, Dept. of Applied Mechanics, Div. of Fluid Dynamics, Chalmers, Sweden X

32.  Amin Satlikh X

33.  Simon Törnros, Caterpillar Propulsion, Sweden X

34.  Adam Jareteg, FS Dynamics, Sweden X

35.  Ola Dahlin, FS Dynamics, Sweden X

36.  Jian Tan, SEMCON, Sweden X

37.  Magnus Stridh, SSPA, Sweden X nötter

38.  Carlo Cintolesi, University of Trieste, Italy X

39.  Bernt-Ola Sandström Element Six X (arrives before lunch)

40.  Amin Fereidooni, National Research Council, Canada X

41.  Praveen Rajaperumal, Sandvik, Sweden X (no red meat, but chicken, fish and veg ok)

42.  Barlev Nagawkar, Master student, Applied Mechanics X (chickpea, strawberries)

43.  Jethro Nagawkar, Master student, Applied Mechanics X (red meat)

44.  Magnus Urquhart, Master student, Applied Mechanics X

45.  Raju Kiran Antham, Master student, Applied Mechanics X


For those of you travelling to Chalmers, here are some suggested hotels:
SGS Veckobostäder - This is a student-apartment-like alternative (~10min walking)

Quality Hotel Panorama – This is located closest to Chalmers (~5min walking). Ask for special price since you are visiting Chalmers.


List of hotels close to Chalmers (ask for special price, for those in 1-3, since you are visiting Chalmers):

1.Normal standard:
City Hotel
Hotel Royal
Hotel Vasa AB
Hotel Flora AB
2. High standard:
Quality Hotel Panorama
Hotel Opalen
Hotell Liseberg Heden
Hotel Novotel
Grand Hotel Opera AB
Hotel Riverton AB
3. Very high standard:
Hotel Avalon
Elite Plaza Hotel
Cheap alternatives:
Youth Hostel Stigbergsliden
Hotel Nice B&B
5. Other:
Info from go:teborg&company
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