Gothenburg Region OpenFOAM User Group Meeting, November 16th, 2011


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Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Room “Ledningsrummet” at Chalmers main entrance. Enter the building with glass walls and go up one stair. There will be signs when you have entered the building. MAP TO CHALMERS MAIN ENTRANCE



·        Welcome talk, Håkan Nilsson (~10min)

·        1min short presentation by all participants (~25min)

·        Anne Kösters: Diesel Fuel Spray Formation and Combustion (~20min)

·        Ehsan Yasari: Premixed Turbulent Combustion using XiFoam (~20min) Slides


·        Coffee


·        Walter Gyllenram: OpenFOAM at SMHI, implementations and applications for water environment (~20min)

·        David Segersson: OpenFOAM at SMHI, implementations and applications for air environment (~20min)

·        Mikael Jönsson: CFD with OpenFOAM at Husqvarna AB (~20min)

·        Olivier Petit: OpenFOAM in incompressible turbomachinery (~20min) Slides


·        Lunch and discussions


·        Abolfazl Shiri: Numerical Investigation of an Air Cavity in the Water Tunnel (~20min)

·        Nicolai Francis Heilskov: Ship in stratified waters and hydrodynamics of floating structures (~20min)

·        Zhang Wei: Rotation and curvature correction for turbulence models in OpenFOAM (~20min) Slides

·        Martin Gramlich: Flow simulations in the Stuttgart Swirl Generator (~20min)


·        Coffee


·        Mohankumar Unnikrishnan: Gasoline Fuel Tank Simulation ( Multiphase with Gasoline & Air ) using Volume of Fluid in OpenFOAM (~20min)

·        Sam Fredriksson, Direct Numerical Simulations of Convective Flows (~20min) Slides

·        Björn Windén, Tom Lloyd, Daniele Trimarchi: Turbomachinery, Seakeeping, and Fluid-Structure Interaction with OpenFOAM (~20min) Slides: Björn Tom Daniele

·        Aurelia Vallier, Johan Revstedt, Håkan Nilsson: Break-up and coalescence of bubbles VOF-LPT-VOF (~20min) Slides

·        General discussions and conclusions (~55min)
Possible topics:
Problems and solutions
Next meeting – how to organize
Community – Wiki, Portal, SVN/GIT, Forum

Registered attendees (who will get lunch and coffee for free):

·        Håkan Nilsson, Chalmers

·        Olle Penttinen, Chalmers

·        Rickard Bensow, Chalmers (only afternoon coffee, did not attend)

·        Mikael Jönsson, Husqvarna

·        Ehsan Yasari, Chalmers (no Pork)

·        Alireza Javidi, University West

·        Erdzan Hodzic, LTH

·        Zhang Wei, Chalmers

·        Erik Svenning, Fraunhofer

·        Martin Gramlich, Stuttgart/Chalmers

·        Mohankumar Unnikrishnan, Hochschule Ingolstadt, Germany

·        Anne Kösters, Chalmers

·        Nicolai Francis Heilskov, DHI

·        Olof Klasson, Berg Propulsion

·        Nai Xian Lu, Chalmers

·        Walter Gyllenram, SMHI

·        David Segersson, SMHI

·        Andreas Feymark, Chalmers

·        Alper Cesur, LTH (Vegetarisk)

·        Jelena Andric, Chalmers (no sea-food)

·        Sam Fredriksson, Gothenburg University

·        Björn Windén, University of Southampton

·        Tom Lloyd, University of Southampton

·        Daniele Trimarchi, University of Southampton

·        Olivier Petit, Chalmers (Did not attend)

·        Abolfazl Shiri, Chalmers

·        Anders Rynell, Chalmers

·        Chen Huang, Chalmers

·        Federico Ghirelli,

·        Eysteinn Helgasson, Chalmers


For those of you travelling to Chalmers, here are some suggested hotels:
SGS Veckobostäder - This is a student-apartment-like alternative (~10min walking)

Quality Hotel Panorama – This is located closest to Chalmers (~5min walking). Ask for special price since you are visiting Chalmers.


List of hotels close to Chalmers (ask for special price, for those in 1-3, since you are visiting Chalmers):

1.Normal standard:
City Hotel
Hotel Royal
Hotel Vasa AB
Hotel Flora AB
2. High standard:
Quality Hotel Panorama
Hotel Opalen
Hotell Liseberg Heden
Hotel Novotel
Grand Hotel Opera AB
Hotel Riverton AB
3. Very high standard:
Hotel Avalon
Elite Plaza Hotel
Cheap alternatives:
Youth Hostel Stigbergsliden
Hotel Nice B&B
5. Other:
Info from go:teborg&company
More hotels